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“We come from the water.” she whispered. “We belong to it, Abel”

Is a classic tale about Abel Jackson and the magical world he is born into and that he must also save. With his mother they live a peaceful life in complete harmony with their slice of paradise on the Western Australian coast.

Abel fishes, dives for abalone and his favourite place is Robbers Cove. It is here that he meets a groper who he names Blueback.

Through each of the key characters we learn about love, nature, courage, persistence and each has wise advice that stays with the reader long after you reach the end of the story.




Creativity is essential in our world!

A place for creative children

The Walk Tall with Words creative writing program.


“I kept always keep two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in.”

We must learn how to use and access our imaginations. Then we can find freedom in words.

The magical world of words written, read and spoken.

Creative Writing


Your Creative Writing Journey begins NOW!

Writing, Reading and Journalling will give you your brightest moments and windows into other worlds — Lisa